Corrugated Metal Roof

Out-of-state tourists as well as Maine residents flock to well-known Cumberland County in the summer for its great fishing spots, delicious seafood restaurants and beautiful harbors. But Cumberland County is also famous for its sometimes record-breaking rain and snow events. In fact, the average rain and snow amounts seen by Yarmouth, Freeport, Falmouth and Portland residents is twice as high as the U.S. average.

That’s a lot of rain and snow falling on Cumberland County roofs. Consistent weather stress, such as rain, snow and sleet, is the leading cause of roof damage and premature wear-and-tear in the state of Maine. Add erosive salty air, summer heat and intense Nor’easters to seasonal moisture and other types of roofs may need replaced in less than 10 years.

Roofers Elite in Southern and Central, Maine recommends home and building owners living in the surrounding communities consider replacing their old roofs with a corrugated metal roof. Not only do corrugated metal roofs last longer than most asphalt roofs, they require minimal maintenance and repair even after withstanding years of harsh Maine weather.

What Other Advantages Does a Corrugated Metal Roof Offer?

It’s One of the Greenest Roofs Available

Not literally green-colored, of course, but “green” as in environmentally friendly. In fact, metal roofs are nearly 98 percent recyclable. Raw materials used to manufacture metal roofing are derived from numerous industrial and consumer sources such as factory waste or discarded vehicle components. Additionally, old metal roofs don’t lay in landfills for decades polluting soil and groundwater. They are graded, sorted and later re-manufactured into new, usable items.

Corrugated Metal Roofs are Flame Resistant

Unlike asphalt roofs, metal roofs resist combustion and won’t succumb to fires as quickly as other roof materials. Metal is considered an A-rated roofing material exhibiting strong, fireproof properties. When combined with a special roofing underlayment, corrugated metal roofs offer exceptional protection against both internal and external fires.

Metal Roofs Make It Easy to Install Solar Panels

Because of their durability, lightweight quality and ability to withstand extreme weather events, corrugated metal roofs are the first choice of Southern and Central, Maine home owners who plan to save even more on their energy bills by installing solar panels.

Corrugated Metal Roofs Come in a Variety of Attractive Colors

While gray or silver metallic roofs look fine on sheds or barns, they are not the first choice of colors for most Cumberland County residents. Corrugated metal roofing is available directly from factories in a wide variety of shades suitable for Southern and Central, Maine homes and businesses. In addition, a metal roof’s color coating won’t chip or fade like traditional roof paint.


“This company was extremely professional and very precise with the appearance and quality of the installation of gutters on our new home. They were punctual and the price was very fair. I highly recommend this company.

  Nancy K.

Roofers Elite has been providing residents of Cumberland County and Portmouth with professional roofing services for over 20 years. From inspecting and repairing all types of roofs to completely replacing roofs and gutters, our technicians offer the expertise and courteous attention our customers have come to expect and enjoy. Call today to learn more about the benefits of corrugated metal roofing.