Get Ahead of These 10 Roofing Myths

Myth 1: Roofer Quality Doesn’t Matter

Choosing a local roofing company that has experience working around everything the Maine weather has to offer carries a value to it beyond the price. Teams such as the one at Roofers Elite are committed to making sure every job lasts as long as possible to keep you and your families protected from the harsh northeastern winds and rain.

Myth 2: Leaks Are the Only Cause for Concern

A leaky roof obviously means repairs are needed, but waiting for a leak to show itself isn’t a good idea. Always remember to conduct regular inspections of interior ceilings and pipes to check for moisture or water damage that could indicate a leak is forming or has already begun.

Myth 3: You Can’t Have Too Much Insulation

Putting it simply, insulation is what keeps the interior air from being changed by the outside. Proper insulation is required to keep the home comfortable and utility bills under control, but going overboard can lead to issues with airflow and moisture retention.

Myth 4: All Houses Need the Same Roofing Repairs

Just like us, there are no two homes that have the exact same needs. Even identical construction can be built upon different qualities of land leading to earlier repairs throughout the building. With that in mind, every roof job needs to have an estimate done by a professional roofing company.

Myth 5: Cheap Shingles Are Fine To Use

When it comes down to housing repairs, it’s important to look at the return on investment, or ROI. The lower end of shingles often last no more than 20 years with premium shingles making it up to 40. The savings on not needing to replace or maintain them as often can quickly make up for the difference.

Myth 6: A New Roof Can Be Placed on an Old One

Some roofers will try to cut costs and labor by installing a new roof on top of the old one. This creates multiple problems with the most glaring being that leaks are not fixed within the original roof. A new roof will simply make locating the source of the leak or damage a near impossible task.

Myth 7: Roof Flashing Is Only Needed for a New Installation

When a roof is flashed, thin metal strips are used to seal the seams of the panels on the roof. Over time, these flashes can become dislodged or damaged. Replacing roof flashing should be part of regular maintenance and not just done when the roof is replaced.

Myth 8: Dark Roofing Materials Increase Utility Costs

It makes sense that since darker colors capture heat that a darker roof would do the same and a hotter home means higher electricity bills in the summer. Thankfully this isn’t actually the case as your roof is ventilated to get rid of excess heat and the roof insulation will take care of the rest.

Myth 9: Asphalt Shingles Are All the Same

Even though asphalt shingles are seen on millions of homes across the United States, they can be seen as a cheap or brittle option for roofing materials. Today though, shingles come in different colors and levels of protection to adapt for any climate homeowners may end up in.

Myth 10: Small Problems Can Wait Until Later

There’s a lot that can go wrong with a roof and even the tiniest issue can lead to a collapse or severe damage. If you ever notice signs of moisture, cracking, leaks or damage, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Roofers Elite. Stopping these worries early on can save you thousands of dollars down the road.

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