Homeowners are faced with a multitude of questions and considerations when it comes time to either renovate or sell their existing property. While often on the table when discussing changes to both the interior and exterior, it’s important to remember that replacing a roof is more than a cosmetic update.

The Impact of a New Roof

A new roof can seem like a large undertaking, but the improvements it provides to the quality of appearance and life of a home outweigh the process it takes to complete. Using a trusted roofing company local to the area is one simple way to make sure the roof built is ideal for the region.

Replacing the roof can also entail lower utility bills as faded shingles or slates no longer reflect the heat as well in the summer. Damaged roofing can also cause more snow to pile on if the typical channels for it to flow off through aren’t open and clear.

How Home Value Changes

Replacing a roof isn’t a cheap project to try to get done randomly. It takes inspection, planning and the expert knowledge of a roofing company to make the process seamless. That being said, most roof replacements increase the value of a home by about $12,000 which means homeowners will recover a large portion of the cost, or frequently profit, when it comes time to sell.

The value of a new roof goes beyond dollars and cents though. The roof of a home is one of the most integral parts of keeping the space safe and comfortable to live in. This investment in peace of mind is a long-term deal, coming with up to 20 years of service life out of asphalt shingles or over 100 years for slate installations.

Why It’s Important To Get Professional Replacements

Since a home’s roof can last decades, the materials used in older homes can potentially be toxic or a safety hazard. One of the most common concerns is the use of asbestos in the roofing materials. Having this removed during a roof replacement is an instant improvement to the health of anyone living in the home.

Another concern for roof replacement is shoddy work being done. Contractors that attempt to cut corners in fashions such as layering new shingles on top of the existing ones are not only ruining the lifespan of the new roof, but also increasing the temperature absorbed as heat gets trapped between the layers.

Choosing the Right Materials

While completing a consultation for a new roof, the roofing company will inquire as to the kind of material preferred for construction. The most common choice is going to be shingle roofing. A durable and seamless design, modern shingles are typically made of G90 galvanized steel and aluminum.

A larger cost upfront is the installation of “standing seam” as the connections between each piece of roofing is seen as a pronounced ridge between each one. These seam installs can be done with slate, metal or a synthetic alternative created to reduce cost and maintenance.

Lastly, the most important choice when replacing a roof is the roofing company used. The team of knowledgeable experts at Roofers Elite understands the needs of a home’s roof to get through the heavy snows that come with Maine winters. Focused on honesty and transparency, the company’s services and credentials can be found online as well as an appointment request option to get started today.