If you’re like most homeowners who are in the initial phase of planning a roof replacement, you probably already know the importance of making sure that your roofing contractor has the proper license and credentials and ascertaining that they carry appropriate insurance. But there are less obvious questions that are just as important to ask before making a commitment to a contractor. Following are five of them.

Do You Provide a Detailed Estimate?

Homeowners who settle for a casual ballpark estimate run a significant risk of finding themselves way over budget on their roof renovation. Although you can’t expect your contractor to whip out a crystal ball and give you an exact number, they should be able to provide you with a detailed, itemized estimate that pinpoints a specific range of both the cost of the project and the time it will take to complete it. Get this estimate in writing prior to proceeding. 

Will You Remove the Old Roof?

Although this may seem like an overly obvious question — what would the point even be of getting a new roof installed if the old roof wasn’t going to be removed — there are unscrupulous contractors who may try to get away with simply applying shingles to an existing roof. Although this may seem like an easy fix, it’s a temporary one at best, so make sure the contractor replaces the roof completely. 

How Do You Handle Refuse Material?

Once you’ve determined that the contractor will entirely replace the roof, it’s time to ask the contractor what they plan to do with the remnants of your old roof. The last thing you want is the pieces of your old roof cluttering up your outdoor living space, providing a safety hazard to household residents and guests and cozy habitat for area rodents. The contractor should agree to provide a receptacle for refuse material as well as to arrange to have it hauled away when it gets full. 

How Do You Handle Bad Weather?

Even though it’s common practice to schedule roof replacements for the summer months when the weather is more likely to cooperate, sudden showers have the power to put a damper on things. Because Maine weather can be unpredictable no matter what time of year, your contractor should have a clear strategy in place in case the event that weather conditions go south. The best plan is for them to cover your roof with large tarps or plastic sheeting to keep your home interior safe from the elements and to ensure that it’s securely fastened at all times. 

What Measures Do You Take to Protect Landscaping?

Landscaping that resembles a war zone shouldn’t be one of the aftereffects of having your roof replaced, but all too often, workers are so intent on the job at hand that they trample flowers, place materials on bushes, and otherwise wreak havoc on landscaping. Your contractor should be mindful of best practices when it comes to preserving the aesthetics of your outdoor living space, such as placing old shingles and other remnants of your old roof in a designated area rather than tossing them to land where they will on your lawn and flower beds.

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