Out of the various home remodeling and repairs essential in a home, reroofing is arguably one of the most important. Though a new roof may seem like any other replacement, it protects everything inside a house. Therefore, property owners shouldn’t overlook a roof that looks somewhat old or has signs of leaking.

Today, effective roof replacement practices rely on an integrated system approach and advanced material technology to protect the entire house. Roof replacement in Central and Southern Maine involves the following processes.

Property Protection

The first step of the roof replacement procedure is to protect a home from any potential damage during the reroofing process. An effective way of protecting property is thinking about all the surrounding elements, including the walls, siding, landscape surrounding the property, and the bushes and plants.

Removal of the Old Shingles

Roofing professionals must remove all the old shingles to have a clear view of the wood decking. Although homeowners assume that roof inspection is possible from the inside of the property, it never clarifies what roofing experts are working with.

Roof Inspection

For any roofing replacement project, there must be a thorough roofing inspection on the wood decking. The focus areas are any rotten, wet, or soft areas of wood. Such areas need immediate replacement to have a solid base for the new roofing structure. Even if it’s only minor damage, no one wants to repeat the roofing procedure in the next 20 to 30 years. Without a proper inspection, the underlying problem might become a more significant issue and a safety concern.

Installation of New Roofing Material

Once the base is ready, the most iconic step is to lay out the new roofing material. Since it’s the most critical procedure, the roofing choice is also crucial. Roofers Elite does not only rely on the standard roofing material. It prioritizes quality roofing materials that guarantee years of service. The roofing materials used include:

Site Cleanup

After completing the roofing task, the next step is to clean up the site. Note that cleaning the site should be a daily task until the last day of the project. Roofing professionals from Roofers Elite leave the site cleaner than it was before the start of the project.

Final Inspection

The last task should be a final inspection to certify that the reroofing was a success. A post roofing inspection is essential because it also ensures that the project meets all the quality standards and the expectation of the client.

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