The most magical time of year has finally come back around! Neighborhoods throughout Maine are taking the opportunity to show off their best holiday lights and decorations in order to give Old Saint Nick the perfect rooftop runway. Strands of lights bring a full range of color to illuminate any other decorations that find their way up top this year.

To help you create and show off your perfect holiday presentation, our team here at Roofers Elite has put together some tips and tricks to protect you and your decorations this season. Be sure to tag us on our Instagram (@rooferselitemaine) and Facebook so we can showcase the best and brightest rooftops in Maine!

Safety Always Comes First

Any time you plan on getting on the roof to work, it’s important to understand that it’s never a one person job. From helping you with placements to securing the ladder, having some assistance can go a long way. Boots or shoes with strong grips are important should you find yourself needing to actually step foot out on the roof. Proper safety equipment such as anchors and knee pads will help avoid injury but unless you have experience working on the roof, we suggest getting professional help to ensure there are no accidents.

Take a Minute To Test Each Light Strand Before Stringing

While it may seem like holiday lights last forever, there tends to always be at least one failing strand that can throw off the entire operation. This isn’t something you want to find out after you’ve gotten down from the ladder and go to plug in a finished display. If your strands are already connected to each other then you may be lucky enough to plug them in and see everything working as it should!

Another note on stringing lights is to use the right material for securing them to the roof and gutters. The key is to find a balance between strength and having a low impact on the roof. Plastic clips shine in this role as they won’t cause damage to the roof but can stand up to the bitter cold and strong winds we see here in Maine.

Take Creative Liberty With Your Decorations

Once you’ve worked out the equipment and help you’ll be using, it’s time to create a plan of attack to wow everyone on the block this year. Lights can outline your roof, doors, windows and even the landscaping! If you’re looking to go all out then we suggest trying to incorporate bits of music, projections and moving lawn decorations to create a truly captivating snapshot of the holidays.

After the holiday decoration prime time has come and gone, it’s time to carefully take down the lights. For some this is right after New Year’s, but others like to keep bringing the joy for a month or so after. Sometimes it’s as long as they can get away with before the neighbors are knocking on the door asking you to take them down.

During your time putting lights up and taking them down, spend a moment examining your roof and gutters for damages. If you notice any missing shingles, open holes or leaking spots then don’t hesitate to reach out to Roofers Elite to make sure your home stays safe this holiday season.