Signs a Maine Roof Needs Replacing

Heat, wind, rain, snow, ice; Southern and Central, Maine homes are subjected to some drastic extremes in weather each year. The main structural element that keeps them safe and secure is their roofs. Regardless of what Mother Nature throws at them, it is the roof’s job to keep everything dry and Moisture-free.

Roofs are tough. Even in the extremes of Southern and Central, Maine’s climate, they can stand up to decades of abuse. When they fail though it is rarely at the best of times and if they suffer a slow demise it can lead to damage throughout the house causing the need for major repairs and possibly subjecting occupants to unnecessary health risks.

The best time to replace a roof is before it develops major problems. That means knowing the signs that a roof in Southern and Central, Maine is reaching the end of its useful life. Here are a few warning signs that should be looked for.

Curled and Buckled Shingles

In most cases, shingles will begin to buckles and curl when moister is being trapped in attack spaces or seeping into the decking materials under them. The swelling and contraction caused by the moister forces the nails holding the shingles to loosen and allows them to curl.

Curled shingles are not only failing to still adequately protect your home from rain and snow. They are prone to blowing off when storm winds blow in leaving gaps in your roofing.

Discolored Decking or Ceilings

Watermarks discoloring the ceilings in a building are a sure sign that water is infiltrating the structure. By the time they appear though major damage may have already occurred. In most cases, changes in the appearance of the roof’s decking or roofing boards will become noticeable in the attic spaces.

Moister trapped in attic spaces can create a perfect climate for mold and mildew to develop and create health risks. Attic spaces, at a minimum, should be inspected annually to prevent this risk and the opportunity for rot to develop. Professional roofers should be called at the first signs of damage.

Shingles Losing Granules

Asphalt shingles are impregnated on their upper surface with a layer of stone, slate, quartz, schist, vitrified brick or ceramic granules. It is these hard elements that greatly contribute to their durability. As shingles age and dry out they will begin to lose these granules making them more prone to cracking and other types of damage.

Granules will often be noticeable where run-off from the roof falls or trapped in gutters. If seen, it is best to have a new roof in Southern and Central, Maine before more severe issues can develop.

Algae Growth and Tar Steaking

Tar streaking or algae growth on shingles is a sign that the roof is literally being consumed by microorganisms. The shingles will slowly deteriorate and their weatherproofing ability will be compromised a little each day.

Leaking Around Chimneys, Rakes, Eaves, and Side Walls

Though often overlooked, proper flashing is an integral part of a roofing system. It seals the seams where the roof transitions to other parts of the house. Leaks in some of these areas like around chimneys can allow moister to infiltrate deep into a structure severally compromising the entire building.

If Roofing Problems are Found in Southern and Central, Maine

With its close proximity to the Atlantic, Southern and Central, Maine suffers some of the most variable weather conditions in the state. A sound roof is a home or business’s best defense against the elements and should be monitored for signs of hidden damage regularly. At the first sign of developing issues contacting a professional roofing company like Roofers Elite can save an owner unneeded worry and help avoid expensive repairs later on.

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