The replacement of a roof involves the process of removing the roofing system of the home as well as having it replaced with a material that is new and durable which can make the home well-protected against any of the elements. Trust our roofing contractors!

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Make sure to take some time in studying the process involved in the replacement of roofs so you can search for a roofing contractor that is highly qualified to provide protection for your property.

In case you notice that there are damages on the roof, make sure to call for assistance immediately so they can provide advice if you can have it repaired or if it needs a replacement.

Steps You Need To Take Before Our Roof Replacement Begins

1. Clear The Driveway

Make sure that the driveway is clear of any items or vehicles so that the workers can easily access the hauling trailer. Always follow safety properly by making sure that every worker utilizes the right safety gear whenever it is needed. Remove every breakable object which includes the flower pots from the home’s perimeter. Have all of your pets removed from the fenced areas where the workers will be working.

2. Remove The Existing Roofing Structure

Workers may start to remove the old system of roofing by beginning at the roof’s base, then on every slope, as they work their way upwards. You can have the shingles removed with the use of flat tools so they can get dis-adhered from the decking of the roof. Allow for the removal of underlayment and felt paper. Have the roofing staples and nails removed or nailed flat into the roof. Carefully remove your home’s penetrations and vents which includes the satellite dishes and solar panels so you can make sure that the roof is properly and safely assembled.

3. Flashing Properly Installed

Always make sure that the metal flashing which is located around the chimney as well as other penetrations are in great condition, counter flashed, and installed properly. You may utilize the drip edge at the roofing structure’s perimeter. It can provide a lip of 2 inches that will allow the rainwater to further drip away from the house.

4. Underlayment Installation

Often, you may utilize the felt ‘paper’ as a barrier underneath any roofing material to ensure that the moisture is kept away from the wood decking material of the roof.

The underlayment may be made of felt that weighs around ten to thirty pounds. If the roof pitches are steeper, you may use heavier felt paper.

When it comes to projects for metal roofs, synthetic underlayment material is often used.

5. Roofing Material Installation

In case you want to have a Flat Roofing product, Asphalt Shingle, Barrel Tile, or Snap-Lock Metal Panel replaced, the technicians who are working on the installation of the roofing material needs to follow the specifications of the company as well as the leading best practices of the industry.

6. Roof Cleaned Up For A Roofing Inspection

Whenever you use magnets that are heavy and professional, it is important to look for and clear away every debris from the yard, driveway, and the roof of the home. Allow a project manager to have the area, materials, and installation inspected very well. Have a meeting with the customer so you can have the job finalized and to receive a full payment for the materials and work rendered.

7. Warranty Check

The materials used for roofing including the labor needs to have a warranty from the manufacturer. The type of roof warranty which is most common is the manufacturer or shingle warranty that provides coverage from two to five decades. However, this kind of warranty only provides protection if there are any defects in the materials for roofing that would cause them to fail or break down before the intended time.

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