roof warranty Clearwater Florida

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roof warranty Clearwater Florida

It is a great accomplishment when you finally get a roof of your choice over your head. It is a better achievement when you successfully apply for a roofing warranty. Most building owners focus on the length of the warranty and ignore the details of a warranty agreement. Understanding the extent and depth of the document can help you negotiate the best settlement as fast as possible. 

Roofing manufacturers spend a scrupulous amount to money to create roofing materials. They, therefore, place a high value on the warranty agreement. Answer the following questions when you receive the document.

  • Which type of warranty will you receive?
  • What is the exact duration of service documented in the warranty?
  • What are your responsibilities in agreement?
  • What can void the warranty?
  • What type of material does the warranty in Clearwater Florida cover? 

Common questions regarding roof warranties

Difference between a manufacturer’s roof warranty and the contractor’s roof warranty

The contractor’s copy is a final draft by the roofing company. It covers the work labor and exempts the warranty of materials. The manufacturer’s copy is a draft by the manufacturing firm. The latter varies because some will cover the material while the other will cover the entire system. Most manufacturers will require that the contractor perform repairs that align with the contract. 

Difference between the material, labor and system warranty

Material warranty

A material warranty has a lower price than the other two. It covers manufacturing defects and premature failure. The content covered by the agreement include:

  • The roof membrane
  • Adhesives
  • Flashings
  • Metal edge 

Labor warranty

It covers the labor that corrects a roof defect. This type is available through the roofing company. It is important to note that the agreement will not include repairs that cater to the installation error.

Full system warranty

This warranty covers the roofing material and manufacturer-approved accessories like flashings and metal works. Most full system warranties include installation and repair labor. Excel Exterior is a long-standing contractor that has proven its commitment to honoring all types of warranty agreements. 

Common warranty coverages


Most warranties cover labor and cost of materials when it has specific requirements. Most of them will not cover leaking issues caused by high winds, earthquakes, lightning, fire, vandalism, and negligent acts. 

High winds

Damage by high winds is typical in areas with prevalent hurricanes. Excel Exteriors has qualified professionals who can advise on whether the building needs a wind gust upgrade.

High damage coverage

Hail coverage is standard for buildings in the paths of hail. You may require enhancements to the original roofing system to accommodate all possible dangers. The added features will increase the ultimate price of the roof system

Roof puncture

High foot traffic poses a significant danger to the membrane of the roof. A material-only and full system warranty in Clearwater Florida will cater to perforations of the roof.

What not to expect from a roof warranty

  • Ponding water that remains after the rain stops
  • Consequential damage due to damage to interior parts like ceilings, walls, and merchandise
  • Unauthorized alteration of the original roof system


roof warranty Clearwater Florida

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roof warranty Clearwater Florida

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