The curb appeal of a home is one of the first things that potential buyers will notice when they look at a house. Approximately 99 percent of Realtors note that curb appeal is one of the most important points that attract buyers to a home. You can increase the curb appeal of your home by adding siding.

Customers choose siding for a host of reasons, including protection from the harsh Maine winters. If your home currently has siding and you’re considering selling the home, have the siding inspected so you can address any issues with it prior to listing. Unsightly siding won’t help to increase your home’s value at all.

What Protection Does Siding Offer?

Siding is more than just a superficial addition to the home. It helps to reduce energy costs by providing insulation for the home. It also protects the structure beneath it, which can help to prevent costly repairs from being necessary in the near future.

Siding offers protection from nature’s elements for the home’s structure. When it’s properly installed, it can stop the damage from water, pests, and snow. This is especially important in Maine, which has harsh winters and sunny summers.

Homebuyers appreciate knowing that the home they’re considering buying has been well maintained. The protections that siding offers let the potential homebuyer know that you’ve cared for the home in an appropriate manner.

What Are Some Signs that Siding Needs to be Replaced?

Siding that’s damaged is conducive to mold and mildew growth. Water and moisture trapped behind the siding can damage the structure of the home. An increase in energy consumption and a decrease in curb appeal also occur.

Some people may question whether it’s time to replace the siding or not. If you notice any damage to the siding, it should be replaced. Look for these signs that wear and tear is beyond repair:

While it might be possible to replace only damaged siding panels, this likely isn’t a good idea. There’s a chance that the color of the new panels might be slightly different, which can decrease the curb appeal. A decrease in curb appeal means that you might not get as much interest in the home and you may not get the offers that you were expecting. Because of this, making sure that your home’s siding is in good condition is important.

The value of adding new siding to your home is directly impacted by the quality of the siding and workmanship. Working with Roofers Elite ensures that you’re getting the most from your siding budget. Our company stands behind its work with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship – you won’t find that anywhere else!