As a homeowner in Yarmouth, ME, you know how vital your siding is to your home. Not only does it keep your home cozy in the winter season and cool in the summer, but it can also add gorgeous curb appeal to your abode. But finding the right partner to upgrade your siding can feel like a time-consuming chore.

Well, fear not! At Roofers Elite, we’re here to make it easy for you. We’re a trusted roofing company providing top-notch siding services in Yarmouth, ME. Whether you need new siding installed or a replacement, we’ve got you covered. Let us help you keep your home looking great and comfortable all year round!

Cut Energy Costs & Improve your Home Aesthetics With Quality Siding


At Roofers Elite, we offer a wide range of siding options that can suit your needs. Here’s an overview for you of the different types of siding available:

Vinyl Siding: Easy to install and highly weather resistant, you’ll find vinyl siding is one of the most popular siding choices. It also offers versatile design and style options, low cost, and maintenance. However, it is worth knowing that seams are visible, and the material can appear “plastic-like.”

Fiber Cement Siding: You should know that this type of siding has become increasingly popular due to its versatile design options, fire resistance, and long lifespan. However, it’s not relatively as easy to install due to its weight and requires repainting for upkeep. Additionally, it is slightly pricier than other materials.

Cedar Siding: This type of siding has become increasingly popular for homeowners like you for its natural finish. It also provides you with excellent noise reduction. However, you must treat it with fire retardant for added fire safety and give maintenance regularly to keep its curb appeal.


Don’t Worry About Your Yarmouth Roofing Experience. We’ve Got You Covered!

No matter what type of siding you choose, our professional roofing contractors can ensure a seamless installation. With decades of experience in residential roofing services, Roofers Elite has the knowledge and expertise to help you get your home the siding it deserves.

Furthermore, we source only the best supplies from well-known vendors such as Hammond Lumber Company and PlyGem. With our exceptional craftsmanship and refined materials, you can be sure that your Yarmouth property will look great and stay secure for years.

Have No Worries About Your Roof – Call Roofers Elite In Yarmouth, ME


Don’t let damaged siding put your home and family at risk, giving your home a bad image too. Upgrade it now with Roofers Elite! Our experienced technicians will help you choose the perfect materials for a beautiful transformation that will elevate your house’s look – all while keeping safety in mind.

Work with Roofers Elite now for all your siding replacement needs. We are your trusted roofing services provider in Yarmouth, ME! You can start by:

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