The winter months in Maine are often harsh and come with lots of snow. While most people can get nice and warm in their home, they may not think about how the weather is impacting the roof of their home. Because the roof can take a real beating during the snowy months of the year, you should have it inspected in spring.

There are several issues that might occur during the winter months that need to be addressed once things thaw out. Even if the winter is milder than usual, the freezing temperatures and the heavy weight of snow can push the roof to its limit.

What Problems Can Occur During the Winter Months?

One of the most damaging things that happens to the roof during the winter has to do with the weight of snow and ice on sit on the roof for prolonged periods. You may notice that the gutters start to sag under this weight. The windows and doors may also start to look warped or uneven. This can lead to structural damage to the home.

Another issue that’s often present in the winter months has to do with the sharp winds. These winds can cause shingles to lift, sometimes to the point that the shingle is ripped of the roof. This can cause moisture to infiltrate the boards that support the roof, which can lead to water damage within the home.

When shingles are lifted or missing, the roof isn’t well insulated. This could mean that warm air is escaping your home through the bare spots on the roof. You may notice your heating bill escalates if this is occurring.

How Does a Spring Roof Inspection Benefit Homeowners?

A spring roof inspection is a chance for a roofer to get up on the roof and determine if there’s any damage present after the harsh winter months. Getting those issues corrected right away can help to protect your home’s roof. This is much less costly than replacing the entire roof because a problem was left to fester and get much worse.

The roof inspection will look at the overall health of shingles, as well as other supporting items. This includes the flashing that helps to channel water off the roof. Replacing shingles and repairing things that aren’t up to par can help to save you money in the long run, so it’s best to have the inspection done as things start to melt during the spring.

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