Standing Seam

Three things all Central and Southern Maine residents need to stay comfortable throughout frigid, snowy Pine Tree State winters: a well-maintained heating system, a backup generator and a roof that can withstand snow, ice, wind and below zero temperatures.

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What is a Standing Seam Roof?

One of the best roofing types a Central and Southern Maine homeowner can rely on for durability is a standing seam roof. Comprised of vertical metal panels that appear to “stand up” due to having two seams, standing seam roofs are low maintenance, long-lasting and ideal for homes with two or more different roof levels.

Advantages to a standing seam roof include:


Resistant to high winds:
Unlike asphalt shingle roofs, standing seam roofs aren’t made up of individual shingles that can be loosened or otherwise compromised during inclement weather events. The interlocking pattern integrated into standing seam roofs stop high winds from shifting roof segments.

Energy efficient:
The superior metal composition of a standing seam roof keeps your home cool in the summer by reflecting the sun’s ultraviolet rays off your home. During winter, metal roofs prevent heat from escaping the home.

Resists fire damage
Attic and other minor fires won’t cause extensive damage to a standing seam roof. In some cases, a standing seam roof may help prevent a fire from spreading to other parts of the home.

Makes renovating an existing roof simple
When a pre-existing roof requires replacement of damaged areas, Roofers Elite can easily install a standing seam roof over the top of the existing roof. The area of pre-existing roof material becomes an insulating layer that improves the durability and energy efficiency of the overall roof.

Central and Southern Maine homeowners interested in a standing seam roof will also be happy to know that standing seams are available in a variety of colors and styles.

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