Synthetic Slates and Shakes

Here in Maine, roofs can take a real beating. Synthetic slates and shakes are gaining popularity throughout the region, because these innovative, eco-friendly roofing materials stand up to high winds, driving rain and snow.

Here at Roofers Elite, our team of highly skilled and experienced roof installation experts are committed to providing you and your family with reliable, professional roofing services. We sell and install premium-grade synthetic slates and shakes that are designed to deliver years of worry-free protection for your home.

Why Choose Synthetic Slates and Shakes?

Slate shingles have long been used for residential roofing installations, and while natural slates are undeniably attractive and durable, they are also increasingly cost-prohibitive for many homeowners. Furthermore, natural slates are exceptionally heavy, and that can lead to premature failure of roof structures and added installation costs.

By comparison, today’s synthetic slates and shakes deliver all of the aesthetic appeal of natural roofing materials without the high costs and excessive loading on roof trusses and rafters. Engineered using a combination of durable plastics and UV-resistant rubber, synthetic roofing materials are quickly becoming a preferred roofing material among discerning homeowners throughout Maine.

Here’s just a few of the reasons why Maine homeowners are choosing to install synthetic slates and shakes:

  • Synthetic slates and shakes are environmentally-friendly because they can be fully recycled and re-purposed
  • Synthetic roofing materials contain special UV inhibitors to prevent premature deterioration
  • Synthetic slates and shakes are exceptionally impact-resistant, making them a great choice in windy environments like central and southern Maine
  • Most high-quality synthetic shingles have a Class ‘A’ fire resistance rating, the highest among any roofing materials
  • Synthetic shakes and slates weigh a fraction of what natural slate shingles do, and that means lower installation and maintenance costs

Top-Quality, Eco-Friendly Synthetic Slates and Shakes


As Maine’s top roofing company, Roofers Elite sources and supplies premium-grad synthetic slates and shakes from industry-leading Davinci Roofscapes. We know that installing a new or replacement roof is a major investment, so we take the time to answer any questions you might have about us, our products and our installation process.

We’re fully committed to delivering professional-quality work performed with honesty, integrity and transparency.

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For over 20 years we’ve helped homeowners throughout central and southern Maine protect their real estate investments with our professional roofing installation and maintenance services. We take pride in a job well done, and we stand behind all of our installations with our lifetime workmanship warranty.

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