Homeowners are met with different repairs and maintenance issues throughout the life of their property. This includes larger issues such as structural damaged caused by weather, an accident or material reaching the end of its service life. With roofing being a specialty job, it can be difficult to know what to look for on a job quote.

Line Items Can Change Between Companies

Every company will have its own approach to a roofing job. Understanding where discrepancies exist and why can help with choosing the best local company.

Labor Costs

When reviewing a job quote, there will be a list of the materials along with their price and estimated quantity needed. It’s important that these line items are broken down between material cost and labor cost as these two are typically bundled together on the quote.

Installation and Safety Procedures

A common tactic used by less-than-reputable roofing companies is to not properly strip away old layers of shingles, creating pockets of heat between them that shorten the service life of the roof. On top of this, the removal or old roofing requires safety measures be put in place to protect the rest of the property during the transport of large pieces of roofing.

Fine Print Agreements

Choosing the right contractor for the job can feel like a sales situation with heavy pressure coming from any quote received. Reading through the fine print can save a homeowner the headache of signing with a contractor only to find they aren’t a good fit for the job.

While there is right to recession that gives homeowners three business days to back out of a signed contract, some companies will try to sneak in a clause requiring a fee or portion of the quote to be paid if the homeowner were to back out.

Warranty and Life Expectancy Details

Roofing companies that focus on quality work such as Roofers Elite in Maine will work with trusted names in the industry to provide the best materials available. When a company puts this focus on quality, the life expectancy of the roof will be the full length of what the material manufacturer states it should last.

Another upside to working directly with trusted suppliers is that the materials may be eligible to be registered with the manufacturer, further increasing the warranty provided by the roofing company itself. Proper use of materials for the climate and location also has a heavy impact on service life, putting extra emphasis on the need for a local company that understands the unique needs of its community.

No Matter the Differences, Always Get an Explanation

A trustworthy roofing company will sit down and go through each line item on the quote created, answering any questions with transparency and subject matter expertise. Homeowners that understand exactly what is being done and what they are paying for find that the initial contact is often the most stressful part of the job cycle!

Those with roofing issues or new construction can easily get through the first hurdle of contact completely online or by phone, making getting in touch work on their schedule.